Making a drama out of a Latin Class

The spring term has been fast and furious in Latin Class. We meet after school on a Tuesday. This term we have continued our study of the Latin language and used it to translate stories about slaves and slave girls, gladiators, and even a werewolf (for which we produced our own special effects). Sometimes studying Roman culture gives us a new perspective on our own values. How could such a great civilisation have relied on slavery?

We showed off our drama skills when we acted out a section of Roman comedy which we had translated. To make it even more realistic, we wore the theatre masks we had made for home learning.

We discovered how important it was to express ourselves through voice and gesture, since our faces were covered with masks.

Next term, we’ll be learning about Roman Baths, schools and the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Latin class is run by Dr Harvey. For more details, contact Mrs Lutz.

Mrs Lutz