The Exams Office is open 8.30 am to 3.30 pm during term time.

If you wish to contact the school’s Exams Officer, please do so via the main school telephone number 01727 854726 or exams@beaumont.school. If you have an appointment to visit the Exams Officer, please report to Reception on arrival.

Please note that the information on this page may relate to the current or the previous academic year, depending upon when dates and deadlines become available. If in doubt, please contact the Exams Office or the relevant Head of Year for clarification.

Beaumont School’s Centre Number is 17511, for use in completing examination forms.

Internal Examinations: 2022 – 2023

Year 11 Mock Exams will take place from Wednesday 9th to Thursday 24th November 2022. The overall timetable can be viewed here. Students will also receive personalised timetables, including details of any exam clashes.

Students are advised to familiarise themselves with the requirements for written public examinations here.

Year 13 Mock Exams will take place from Monday 9th to Friday 20th January 2023. The overall timetable can be viewed here. Students will also receive personalised timetables, including details of any exam clashes.

Students are advised to familiarise themselves with the requirements for written public examinations here.

Year 12 students take Threshold Exams in the second half of the Summer Term, from Monday 5th to Friday 16th June 2023. , The timetable will be published on this page and students will also receive personalised timetables, including details of any exam clashes, via their school email accounts.

Please note, any students studying at Consortium schools should be aware that mock examinations may take place at alternative times, and should check with their relevant subject teachers.

End of Year Exams for Years 7 to 10 will take place from 5th to 9th June 2023.

A useful Revision Booklet, written by members of the Beaumont Teaching & Learning Team can be downloaded here.

A revision “micro-site” to help students in Years 7 – 10 prepare for their end of year exams will be made available to students prior to the exam week.

External Examinations: 2022 – 2023

University Admissions Testing  –  Autumn 2022

Details of the University Admissions Tests can be found here.

Test Dates:

All tests will be paper-based.

18th October:

BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT)

Test of Mathematics for University Admission (TMUA)

19th October:

Engineering Admissions Assessment (ENGAA)

Natural Sciences Admissions Assessment (NSAA)

2nd November:

Classics Admissions Test (CAT)
Mathematics Admissions Test (MAT)

Modern Languages Admissions Test (MLAT)

Oriental Languages Aptitude Test (OLAT)

Oxford English Literature Admissions Test (Oxford ELAT)

History Admissions Test (HAT)

Physics Aptitude Test (PAT)

Philosophy Test

Thinking Skills Assessment Section 1 (TSA S1)

Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA)

Autumn Series: 2022

Any Beaumont School student who was aged at least 16 on 31st August 2022 can take GCSE English Language (AQA 8700) and Mathematics (Edexcel 1MA1 Foundation or Higher) in the Autumn Series.

Should you wish to re-sit in an attempt to improve your grade, similar adaptations to the qualifications made in Summer 2022 apply for this series only.

English Language advance information can be downloaded here. Spoken language assessments can be carried forward from the previous series.

Mathematics advance information can be downloaded here. Students will have formulae sheets supplied in the examinations, downloadable at these links for Foundation Tier and Higher Tier.

The deadline for entry is 4th October. Please complete the form here and send by midday to exams@beaumont.school or pass to the Examinations Officer. An entry fee and administrative fee is charged.

Late entries can be accepted up until 21st October, however the fees are increased as indicated on the entry form. Should you wish to withdraw your entry refunds will be paid until the dates indicated.

Examination Dates

GCSE AQA English Language (8700)

Monday 31st October morning: Paper 1

Wednesday 2nd November morning: Paper 2

GCSE Edexcel Mathematics

Higher (1MA1H) or Foundation (1MA1F)

Tuesday 1st November morning: Paper 1 (Non-calculator)

Thursday 3rd November morning: Paper 2 (Calculator)

Monday 7th November morning: Paper 3 (Calculator)


Autumn 2022 GCSE English Language and Mathematics results from will be issued by email on 12 January 2023 after 9.00am.

Post-Results Services

Please note that school documentation for Post-Results Services is issued with student results and is also available for each series below, and from the Exams Office during stated times. If you do not use the correct form for an exam service request it may not be possible for it to be processed due to a lack of the correct information.

Completed forms should be returned to the Exams Office or by email (exams@beaumont.school), with payment being set up via MyChildAtSchool.

Post-Results Services are subject to deadlines set by the exam boards and are, therefore, not negotiable.

Autumn 2022 Post-Results Services Information:

A document which explains the various Post-Results Services available to candidates will be available for download here.

A copy of the fees for the Post-Results Services offered will be available here.

An editable copy of the Post-Results Service Candidate Consent Form for the Autumn 2022 series of examinations can be downloaded here. A pdf of the same document can be downloaded here.


26 January 2023 – Final date for requesting copies of scripts to support reviews of marking

16 February 2023 – Final date for clerical checks, reviews of marking or other result queries (e.g. Missing and Incomplete Results), and requesting copies of scripts to support teaching and learning.

January Series: 2023

Examinations are taking place for students studying BTEC Sport and Creative Digital Media Production, CNAT Creative iMedia and Enterprise and Marketing, and CTEC Business, IT and Sport.

The overall timetable for the January Series can be viewed here, and students will receive timetables by email.

JCQ Notices to Candidates

Students should familiarise themselves with the following information for candidates documentation and be fully aware of the expectations during examinations and assessments.

Exam Access Arrangements (EAA):

Beaumont School follows the Access Arrangements procedures that are set in place by the regulator JCQ. We have a stringent system in place as follows:

Years 7 and 8: We build up evidence of need through teacher feedback and assessment. This means that students who may have had test arrangements in primary school will not automatically qualify for the same support until we build up our own evidence of need.

Year 9: We test the whole year group (during Autumn Term) for various speeds of working and begin to introduce students who are eligible for EAA to using this as their normal way of working.

Year 10: Applications for EAA are made by the school for GCSE (and other 16+ qualifications) . There is an information evening held for parents/carers who have children who have qualified for EAA.

Year 12: Applications for EAA are made by school for A-Level (and other 18+ qualifications).

A diagnosis of a disability does not automatically qualify for EAA, the student would still have to meet the criteria set by JCQ.

Private assessments are not accepted by JCQ and therefore Beaumont cannot accept these.

For extra time to be considered a student must have two below average scores or one below average score and one low average score in two different processing speeds during the testing in Year 9 by the qualified assessor at Beaumont.


Access Arrangements allow candidates/learners with special educational needs, disabilities or temporary injuries to access the assessment without changing the demands of the assessment. These may involve readers, scribes and Braille question papers. In this way Awarding Bodies will comply with the duty of the Equality Act 2010 to make ‘reasonable adjustments’.

Reasonable Adjustments

The Equality Act 2010 requires an Awarding Body to make reasonable adjustments where a disabled person would be at a substantial disadvantage in undertaking an assessment.

A reasonable adjustment for a particular person may be unique to that individual and may not be included in the list of available Access Arrangements.

How reasonable the adjustment is applied will depend on a number of factors, including the needs of the disabled candidate/learner. An adjustment may not be considered reasonable if it involves unreasonable costs, timeframes or affects the security or integrity of the assessment.

There is no duty on the Awarding Bodies to make any adjustment to the assessment objectives being tested in an assessment.

For more information please refer to the JCQ guide: https://www.jcq.org.uk/exams-office/access-arrangements-and-special-consideration/regulations-and-guidance/

The Exams Office can be contacted by email via exams@beaumont.school and by telephone at 01727 732923 (with answer-phone).