Sixth Form Induction 2023

All students applying to join the Beaumont School Sixth Form must attend two Induction Days on Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th June, 2023.

Information about the Induction process will be sent in a letter to all applicants from the Head of Sixth Form in advance of the Induction process.

Students who are new to the Beaumont School site can view a site map (including access points) here.

Please note, the gates on Oakwood Drive are locked from 8.30am so late arrivals should use the Austen Way entrance.

  • Please arrive at 8.15 am, for a prompt start at 8:30 am on Wednesday 28th
  • You will be given an Induction Days timetable on arrival
  • You are not required to wear school uniform but dress appropriately. Our Sixth Form Dress Code can be viewed here.
  • You will be attending introductory lessons in your potential subjects so bring the appropriate equipment with you, such as a calculator
  • Summer Work will be set for students to complete before Enrolment.

Summer Work: 2023

Each introductory lesson has Summer Work to be completed by students before enrolment in September 2023.

Students may receive the required resources in their introductory lessons but they can also be found, sorted by subject, in a Google Drive folder here.

If you are joining the Beaumont Sixth Form but are taking a subject at Sandringham or Verulam Schools (within the BSV Education Trust) the Summer Work is available at these links: