Beaumont School House System

The House Leaders in Years 7-11 will be working towards achieving a Student Leadership Certificate.

In order to qualify they will need to work on a number of projects to lead their peers and to discuss issues relating to school life:

  • attending house leadership meetings chaired by their Sixth Form captains
  • organising house events
  • motivating their peers to take part in house events
  • organising charitable events
  • participating in student panels on interview days
  • giving their opinions on various aspects of school life, including their views on teaching and learning

At Beaumont we believe in preparing students for their future lives by giving them opportunities to lead.  We also believe that they may have many valuable insights that can help shape the future direction of the school.

House Information

Beaumont has a House system which develops the community cohesion that is already a strong feature at the school. The Houses also offer opportunities for competitions both as year groups and vertically through the school. The Houses are based around the LEARNS form groups as follows:













Students gain points for their Houses through a number of routes, based both on group activities and competitions and on individual performance including the achievement of end of term Awards.

Main House events in the school year:

October : The Great Beaumont Bake Off

December : The Christmas Fair

March : House Day

June : Rob’s Festival

July : Sports Day

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