BeauSandVer Trust

On Monday 19th September, students from Beaumont, Sandringham and Verulam schools met with their respective headteachers Elizabeth Hitch, Alan Gray and Paul Ramsey to officially launch the BeauSandVer Education Trust, an educational umbrella trust cementing three decades of partnership.

The St Albans schools have an exceptional partnership track record leading a sixth form consortium, enabling students from the three schools to access a broader curriculum and a reach their potential more successfully than would be the case in an individual school. The consortium has always prided itself on its high quality learning environments, excellent teaching, robust assessment, guidance and being at the forefront of innovation.

The BeauSandVer Education Trust comprises over 850 16-18 year olds studying predominately academic A Level courses across 35 subjects. The results are consistently high with over 400 progressing to undergraduate courses at the best universities in the country each year. The Trust attracts large numbers of external applications each year from students wishing to study in such a rich and vibrant environment providing the perfect transition from school to university.

The new Trust will:

  • Cement a strong working relationship
  • Develop the partnership further
  • Explore more opportunities to work together
  • Celebrate a determination to work together whilst retaining each school’s unique identities and governing bodies

The headteachers, students and teachers are very much looking forward to further strengthening the work of the partnership.