Beaumont Heartbeat Challenge

The newly appointed Key Stage 3 Beaumont Leaders have launched their first project …

Due to recent events in the EURO 2020 football tournament, it has come to our attention that we currently have only one defibrillator within our ever growing school. This piece of life saving equipment is located in the A Block reception and there are parts of the school that are now quite far away. We wish to fund-raise enough money to buy at least one more defibrillator that is accessible for other parts of the school and playing fields. We have come up with the amazing idea of the Beaumont Heartbeat Challenge.

This is a fundraiser that invites students, staff and parents to take part in one (or both!) of these activities.

1: Run, walk, wheel, ride, (or any other physical activity) 111 miles as a group on Strava! This can be a group of friends, a family, a form, a sports team or anyone else. 111 miles is significant because this is the distance between Christian Eriksen’s place of birth and the place where he collapsed.

Click here to join the Strava Challenge and track your progress against other Beaumont Teams

2: Have a week where you help out around the house, and get sponsored for it! For example, do the washing up and have a family member donate £3 to the BHC! So please join in and set yourself up with a Beaumont Heartbeat Fundraising page here.

The Beaumont Heartbeat Challenge finishes on Monday 19th July so please make sure that all donations are registered by then.