Science Successes

A group of Year 13 students were recently entered into the Biology Olympiad (hats off to the few that wanted to do it, as it was during mock week!), and we received two Silver medals, two Bronze and two Highly Commended medals. This is an international competition, so to do so well is a real achievement for the students involved.

Congratulations to:

  • Bronze Jack Elliot and Brendan Phelan
  • Silver Simon Jones and Ellen Dean
  • Highly Commended Amelia Reynolds and Ashleigh James

On Thursday 9 February, an Assessor visited the school to look at the CREST awards that our students have been working towards. There were four Year 10 students, one Year 11, and all eight of the Robot Rumble team (Year 9) who were awarded Silver CREST awards. All students had to write a report and present their work to the assessor; they were all amazing, a real credit to the school.

Congratulations to:

Emily Pidcock, Greg Harrison, Amy Cowan, Isla Pennifer, Berenice Laurent, Darius Wurzbacher, Caius Datt, Rebecca Oliver, Lucy Alexander, Jack Cato, Felix Walton, Tomas Linzell and Thomas Copper.

Dr Jones