Beaumont Celebration of the Arts Day 

The Arts are a huge part of the Beaumont School culture and this year Lynsey Wallace, Head of Drama, created a new opportunity for the whole year group of Y7 students to participate in… The Beaumont Celebration of the Arts Award. 

All students participated in a dance class; a drama workshop; researched professionals from the industry (Actors Chris Harper and Emily Bowker, Musician Harpist, Anne Denholm and Musical Theatre Creator, Jennifer Harrison) and then actually met them via zoom where they were able to ask them all of their interesting questions; they independently planned for and then taught their classmates an Arts skill and, with support from the English department, attended a production of ‘Wicked’ to be written up as a newspaper theatre review!

So much fun, so many departments working together, amazing experiences for the students and meeting people from the industry – what an event! 

Here’s to 2024!