Royal Academy returns to the Art Department

For the second year running, we were pleased to host the return of the Royal Academy who did a series of drawing workshops with both Year 12 and 13 students. This was a fantastic experience and opportunity for the students to complete a wide variety of drawings and enhance their Art portfolios.

Miss May & Miss Findlay

Science Successes

A group of Year 13 students were recently entered into the Biology Olympiad (hats off to the few that wanted to do it, as it was during mock week!), and we received two Silver medals, two Bronze and two Highly Commended medals. This is an international competition, so to do so well is a real achievement for the students involved.

Congratulations to:

  • Bronze
    Jack Elliot and Brendan Phelan
  • Silver
    Simon Jones and Ellen Dean
  • Highly
    Commended Amelia Reynolds and Ashleigh James

On Thursday 9 February, an Assessor visited the school to look at the CREST awards that our students have been working towards. There were four Year 10 students, one Year 11, and all eight of the Robot Rumble team (Year 9) who were awarded Silver CREST awards. All students had to write a report and present their work to the assessor; they were all amazing, a real credit to the school.

Congratulations to:

Emily Pidcock, Greg Harrison, Amy Cowan, Isla Pennifer, Berenice Laurent, Darius Wurzbacher, Caius Datt, Rebecca Oliver, Lucy Alexander, Jack Cato, Felix Walton, Tomas Linzell and Thomas Copper.

Dr Jones

Mrs Hitch’s successor announced

Mr Atkinson  has been appointed as Beaumont’s next Headteacher

After an extensive application and interview process, our current Deputy Headteacher, Martin Atkinson, has been appointed by the Governing Body to be Beaumont’s new headteacher, commencing September 2017.

Six applicants from schools across the county were selected for the two day appointment process which involved panels comprising governors, staff and students. Three candidates were selected for the second day and at the conclusion of the process, Chair of Governors, Alex Hall, made the following announcement:

‘I am delighted to let you all know that the Governor Recruitment Panel unanimously decided yesterday to offer the post of Headteacher at Beaumont School to Mr Martin Atkinson and he has accepted.

This decision was ratified by the Governing Body last night. The candidates were all put through a very testing and robust process, and we were convinced that Mr Atkinson was the right person for the job. He will take up the post from 1 September 2017’.

The announcement was made formally to the staff this morning at a briefing meeting and was met with cheers and applause.

Parent Governor Election

The Parent Governor election ballot was closed on Thursday 17th November 2016.

BeauSandVer Trust

On Monday 19th September, students from Beaumont, Sandringham and Verulam schools met with their respective headteachers Elizabeth Hitch, Alan Gray and Paul Ramsey to officially launch the BeauSandVer Education Trust, an educational umbrella trust cementing three decades of partnership.

The St Albans schools have an exceptional partnership track record leading a sixth form consortium, enabling students from the three schools to access a broader curriculum and a reach their potential more successfully than would be the case in an individual school. The consortium has always prided itself on its high quality learning environments, excellent teaching, robust assessment, guidance and being at the forefront of innovation.

The BeauSandVer Education Trust comprises over 850 16-18 year olds studying predominately academic A Level courses across 35 subjects. The results are consistently high with over 400 progressing to undergraduate courses at the best universities in the country each year. The Trust attracts large numbers of external applications each year from students wishing to study in such a rich and vibrant environment providing the perfect transition from school to university.

The new Trust will:

  • Cement a strong working relationship
  • Develop the partnership further
  • Explore more opportunities to work together
  • Celebrate a determination to work together whilst retaining each school’s unique identities and governing bodies

The headteachers, students and teachers are very much looking forward to further strengthening the work of the partnership.

‘A’ level success

Headteacher, Elizabeth Hitch, congratulated delighted staff and students who are celebrating another year of record ‘A’ level results: ‘It’s so rewarding that so many students across all levels have reached or surpassed their aspirations’.

Head of Sixth Form, Paul de Kort, reserved special praise for the Year 12 cohort who have successfully completed their first year of the new, and more demanding, reformed ‘A’ level courses, with a record number achieving the highest grades at A/S level. Not to be outdone, several Year 13 students achieved straight A or A* grades, earning them places at prestigious Russell Group universities (including Oxford and Cambridge) on competitive courses such as Medicine, Maths, Social Sciences and Engineering.

Bolt tightening Ceremony

Students joined representatives from ASHE construction and the project delivery team in a bolt-tightening ceremony today. They took turns to tighten bolts which form part of the steel framework of the sports hall which began to take shape over Half Term. This stage of construction is due to be finished this month with the overall project scheduled for completion in the early autumn.

Bolt-tightening is seen as a way of bringing good fortune to the building and the students and staff taking part were certainly looking forward to using the state-of-the-art facilities Phase 2 of the FAB project offers.

Lance Louw Visit

South African international hockey player and 2012 Olympian Lance Louw visited Beaumont today.

He joined the Year 7 and Year 9 girls hockey team practices and put them through their paces. Helped out by regular coaches, Mrs Hicks, Miss Mobbs and Miss Cleverley, Lance taught the girls training routines to improve their game. Headteacher, Mrs Hitch, visited the practice and was delighted to see the new all weather pitches put to such excellent use as even flurries of sleet couldn’t put the girls off their sport.

Nick Gibb Letter 2016

For the second year in succession, Nick Gibb, Minister of State for Schools, has written to Beaumont to congratulate us on our ‘very high standard of achievement’ in our GCSE results.  The percentage of students achieving five or more A*- C grades, including English and Maths, places Beaumont in the top 100 non-selective state-funded schools in England.

The minister also praised the school for being one of the top 100 schools in the English Baccalaureate measure which, in his words, ‘provides a strong basis for [students’] further education and employment’.

Read the full letter here.

Contracts signed for the Sports Hall

It’s full steam ahead for our new four-court Sports Hall which is due to be opened in September. The new building will also feature an extensive fitness suite, boardroom and eleven state-of-the-art classrooms. Its completion will mark the culmination of Phase 2 of Beaumont’s ongoing Field, Access and Buildings (FAB) project.  Plans for Phase 3 are already underway.

Representatives from Ashe Construction, our main partner in the project, met with Alex Hall, Chair of Governors and Mrs Hitch earlier this year to sign the contracts for Phase 2, along with some of the students who will enjoy these exciting new facilities during their time at Beaumont.