We have a firm policy on school uniform, which must be worn by all students until the end of Year 11.

Beaumont school uniform is smart and functional, ensures that all students can attend school equally equipped for the day and encourages and reflects the sense of belonging to and pride in the school which is a Beaumont hallmark. All students in Years 7 to 11 are required to wear school uniform. There is a slightly modified version to distinguish students once they reach Year 11 where certain privileges, such as being allowed to leave the school premises at lunchtimes are available. During the summer students are allowed to dispense with their blazers (and boys may wear open necked shirts without ties) provided they wear the summer shirts which display the school logo.



A copy of the full uniform list is downloadable here.  Please consult this before buying expensive items such as school shoes.  If you are uncertain as to whether particular items meet the uniform rules, please contact the school in advance of buying them.

Second-hand uniform and PE kit is usually available, at very modest prices. This is organised by a group of parents who look after lost property and run uniform sales at school events. Please speak to the School Reception if you would like further details.

Whilst it is important that students are provided with a full and correct uniform, the manner of its wearing and other issues of personal appearance are also important and detailed guidelines on matters such as jewellery, make-up, and hairstyle are available from the school and downloadable here.

We have designed our uniform, in consultation with staff, students and parents, to make it both practical and affordable. Many items, such as blazers and shirts, can be bought at high street stores. Ties and blazer badges can be bought from the school Reception. In addition to this there are two companies offer a complete range of Beaumont uniform items:

Beat School Uniform is an online supplier of school uniforms  -  details are available here.

Stevensons is a local school uniform retailer based in St Albans  -  details are available here.


Once students reach the Sixth Form they are not required to wear uniform but are expected to attend school smartly and appropriately dressed.