School Day

School Day


By 8.25am

Students Arrive on School Premises

8.30 - 8.40am

Tutor Time

8.40 - 9.25am

Period 1

9.25 - 10.10am

Period 2

10.10 - 10.55am

Period 3

10.55 - 11.20am


11.20 - 12.05pm

Period 4

12.05 - 12.50pm

Period 5

12.50 - 1.50pm


1.50 - 2.40pm

Period 6

2.40 - 3.25pm


*School finishes at 2.40pm on Fridays only. The library will be open until 3.30pm

The morning session at Beaumont extends from 8.30am to 12.50pm and the afternoon session from 1.50pm to 3.25pm. There are seven 45 minute teaching periods, five in the morning and two in the afternoon, except on Friday when school finishes at 2.40pm.  Five minutes are added to the beginning of Period 6 to allow afternoon Registers to be taken.

In order to take full advantage of the opportunities for learning available at Beaumont, all students need to be in school on time every day. We insist on punctuality from our students as lateness is disruptive to both their own education and that of their peers. Furthermore it compromises the ability of the staff both to ensure that students are kept fully informed and to dispense their pastoral responsibilities effectively.

The school day starts at 8.30am, at which time students must be in their form room ready for Registration. Students should therefore be arriving on the school premises by 8.25am in order to be in their form room by 8.30am for Registration. A bell sounds at 8.25am to warn students that tutor time is about to start. Students arriving at their form rooms after 8.30am will be recorded late. Any students arriving after 8.40am must report to Reception to sign in and have their Planners stamped. Failure to do this may result in their late attendance being recorded as ‘after the register has closed’ which counts as an ‘unauthorised absence’ for that morning.

Students spend time with their form tutors from 8.30am to 8.40am during which student notices are given out alongside other elements of pastoral administration. On Thursdays, this is extended to include Period 1, during which assemblies and other activities such as peer mentoring take place.

Afternoon school begins at 1.50pm and students should be at their Period 6 lesson by 1.50pm for Registration at the start of the lesson, otherwise they will again be marked late. Again there is a bell five minutes before the start of Period 6 to warn students to make their way to afternoon lessons.

Students arriving late to morning Registration receive the sanction of a morning break detention and persistent lateness is addressed by the school's Pastoral Leadership.  If there is an unavoidable and unforeseeable reason for a student's lateness, such as vehicle breakdown ( as opposed to typical rush-hour traffic ), the school should be notified so that the Late Detention can be waived.  A note in your child's Planner is the best way of doing this.