Meet the Year 7 Team


Mr. Tolley 7L  View the Welcome to 7L slides here.

I am the Head of PE at Beaumont and I am very excited to meet our new Year 7 students. I have been teaching for thirteen years and was Head of PE at my two previous schools. Having had previous experience as a Year 7 tutor at Beaumont and my previous schools, I am really looking forward to getting to know the wonderfully different personalities within the class and assisting you in having an enjoyable and memorable start to your careers at Beaumont. As a PE Teacher, I do have a competitive side and hope we have a successful Sports Day in the Summer Term and "clean up" in the House competitions!

I like:   Sport, sport and more sport!  Especially my favourite football team - Watford FC.

I dislike:  White chocolate.

Miss Shepherd 7E  View the Welcome to 7E slides here.

I am the Head of Drama and Lead Practitioner. This is the second year that I will have been a Year 7 form tutor. I love teaching at Beaumont and think supporting students in their transition to secondary school is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. Also, Year 7s are some of the only people in the school as short as me (and that doesn't last long).

Miss Ashton 7A  View the Welcome to 7A slides here.

I’m Head of French at Beaumont, and this will be my sixth year at the school. I love working here and I’m sure that you will love being a student here! I’m really looking forward to seeing you all settle in at Beaumont and watching you get involved with different clubs and sports, and especially going on trips abroad. I’m lucky enough to have been a Year 7 form tutor for three years and the best thing I’ve learned is that the more you throw yourself into the life of Beaumont, the more you’ll "enjoy and excel" throughout your time here.

I like: sunshine, chocolate and going to the cinema.

I dislike: birds and spicy food!

Mr Gray Head of Year

I am thrilled to have been appointed as your new Head of Year. It is my fourth year at the school and I have enjoyed every minute. You are going to have a fantastic time with us, and I know this as I have studied here myself in the Sixth Form. In fact, there is still a teacher at the school who taught me!

It is incredibly important that you make the most of your time here with us and grab every opportunity that is available to you. I try to do the same as a teacher, so here are a few examples to give you an idea. I have played football for the teachers’ team, sung in a choir, operated lights and sound for various school shows and visited some fantastic places on school trips to Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy and America.

I look forward to welcoming you all to Beaumont and helping you make the best possible start to your time here with us.

Miss McClean 7R  View the Welcome to 7R slides here.

I am an English teacher at Beaumont school and love nothing better than talking about books (of course!).  I'm hoping there are lots of Year 7 students joining in September that share my love of reading and can recommend me some exciting books.  There are plenty of other things I enjoy, too: trying new things, poetry, good use of punctuation, cooking, swimming, 'Harry Potter', competitions, peanut butter, adventures, cups of tea, scientific facts, school trips, music, netball, Shakespeare, meeting new people, and lots more things you'll learn about over the course of the year! Hopefully, I will have at least one thing in common with the newest students at Beaumont: I can't wait to meet you all!

Mr. Guinane 7N  View the Welcome to 7N slides here.

I am the Head of Music at Beaumont, and I’ve been part of the Year 7 team since I joined the school, eight years ago! I am excited to meet my new form, help them settle into Beaumont, and make sure they get involved in the fantastic Sport, Drama, Music, and other clubs we offer. During my time at Beaumont, I’ve done amazing things and visited amazing places, like singing for the Queen and going on trips all around Europe. I’m sure my new form will all get the chance to have similar life-changing experiences while they are students at the school. Roll on September!

Mr Tatham 7S  View the Welcome to 7S slides here.

I’m the English Teacher who likes canvas bags and Matt Haig novels.

I’ve been teaching for nine years now and the last five at Beaumont have been brilliant. Students here have a real thirst for knowledge and a great sense of humour. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend some of the best trips as well: New York and Washington with History, Lake Garda with Music and Drama and skiing in Austria are some examples.

Since joining Beaumont, I’ve undertaken various projects for the Teaching and Learning Team, held responsibility in the English Department and I’m currently mentoring trainee teachers. I also continue to jointly organise Beaumont’s annual Public Speaking competition and I can’t wait to hear our next generation of skillful speakers.

Away from the classroom, I play competitive tennis in Hertfordshire and enjoy taking my adorable dogs (Mylo and Roxy) for long country walks.

I’m looking forward to joining the Year 7 Tutor Team and meeting the scintillating 7S! S is for Seacole (Mary Seacole) and Success! Let’s have an excellent year together.