Medical provision in school

Medical provision in school

As a school we support all students with long-term medical conditions, short-term illnesses and day-to-day illnesses. For those students with a long-term medical condition, an Individual Health Plan (IHP) is written for the student, in conjunction with parents, which is reviewed annually.

If your child has a medical condition or a short-term illness which requires prescribed medication, the school can hold this medication for your child. This will have been declared on the IHP or if your child does not require an IHP, then parents are required to complete a Prescribed Medication form. Click here for a copy of this form. Please note that we will only hold or administer prescribed medication at the school.

For further information about prescription and non-prescription medicines in school, please click here.

On a day-to-day basis, if a student is feeling unwell during the day they can report to the Student Services where a member of staff will assess them. Where possible we will encourage the student to return to lessons after a short break. Only if they are unable to return to lessons will we contact home. 

Students should not contact a parent prior to going to the Student Services.