Beaumont has developed a number of policy statements to cover various issues which are either required by law or have been found to be necessary to address individual cases over the years.

A number of these are downloadable from this page. All are available from the school office on request.

Accessibility Plan Policy November 2014 click here 

Admission  -  Policy for Years 7 - 11 and the Sixth Form click here

Anti-bribery Policy March 2016 click here

Attendance Policy June 2017 click here

Bullying  -  Anti-bullying Procedure September 2014 click here

Charging and Remissions Policy March 2017 click here

Child Protection Policy September 2016 click here

Children Looked After Procedure (available on request)

Complaints Information for Parents (HCC document) click here  HCC periodically updates their guidance to parents.  Further information can be found here

Complaints Policy (School Based) Feb 2017 here

Curriculum Policy Jan 2016 click here

Disability Equality Scheme (available on request)

Drugs Education Procedure Oct 2015 click here

Emergency Response Arrangements Policy April 2013 (available on request)

Equal Opportunities Pupils 2011 click here

Examinations Access Arrangements Procedures Sept 2016 click here

Examinations Procedure September 2015 click here

Freedom of Information Publications Scheme May 2016 click here

Home School Agreement 2016 click here

ICT Acceptable Use Policy Sept 2016 click here

Literacy Procedure (available on request)

Medical Conditions in Schools Policy Sept 2014 here

Numeracy Procedure (available on request)

Physical Intervention - Hertfordshire County Council Framework for the Use of Physical Intervention (available on request)

Privacy Notice May 2016 - click here

Pupil records  -  Procedure for disclosure of and access to pupil records September 2014 click here

Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination Procedure June 2016 click here

Safer Recruitment Policy June 2017 click here

School discipline  -  Behaviour Policy March 2016 click here

School discipline  -  Behaviour Principles June 2014 click here

School Visits Policy (available on request)

School school visits procedure Sept 2015 click here

Sex and Relationships Education Policy Dec 2016 click here

Single Equality scheme (incorporating the Equality Objectives Action Plan) updated Jan 2017 click here

Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy Feb 2015 click here

Special Education Needs (SEN) School Offer Jun 2017 click here

Hertfordshire's SEND Local Offer


Tackling Radicalisation and Extremism click here


Teaching and Learning Policy Jan 2016 click here


List of Designated Teachers & Governors Sept 2016  -  click here


The school has other policies relating to operational matters; if you have any queries please contact us.